#20 When Corporates and Startups Play Games

With Yi Hoo Ong

Yi Hoo leads the innovation work at human at work, and operates at the intersection which marries the speed of exponential start-ups with the scale and resources of large corporations. He helps unleash hidden potential by working with startups on strategy and operations to help them scale exponentially, and helping large corporations through their transformation by unlocking innovation.


[03:33] What is human at work? And what’s your job there?
[05:45] How has your past experience shaped what you’re doing now?
[09:47] What’s the #1 challenge trying to drive innovation in large organizations?
[13:12] What did you learn running The Kitchen, an open-source innovation platform?
[27:49] How is The Kitchen similar/different to the Innovator-in-Residence program at human at work?


Yaniv Corem (00:39):
Welcome, Yi Hoo back to school.

Yi Hoo Ong (00:42):
Hi, Yaniv, I’m super excited to be here. I can’t wait to see where our conversation leads.

Yaniv Corem (00:48):
Awesome. I’m very glad you’re here. How about we start with a little game? Are you Up for that? So, complete this sentence for me, and please do not overthink it. The sentence is “Corporates and startups are…”

Yi Hoo Ong (22:57):
Reach out to me on LinkedIn. We have a website or email, me just yeah. And anywhere you see me digitally with a contact me button just come right or go right through.

Yaniv Corem (23:10):
Fantastic. So, I will link your LinkedIn profile in the show notes. Thank you so much for being on the show, Yi Hoo.

Yi Hoo Ong (23:18):
Thank you very much. Always a pleasure.