#22 How to Be Less (of a Corporate) Zombie

With Elvin Turner

Elvin Turner is an award-winning innovation consultant, TEDx speaker, and associate professor of innovation & entrepreneurship at several business schools. He has coached and facilitated hundreds of innovation programs around the world for companies including Cisco, Universal Music, Santander, Telefonica, Pernod Ricard UK, and Accenture. Elvin’s work spans consulting, facilitation, and training in the areas of strategy, innovation, and culture. His experience extends from working with new and disruptive technology start-ups, through to seasoned leadership teams inside conservative, global institutions.

His new book is Be Less Zombie: How great companies create dynamic innovation, fearless leadership and passionate people.


[01:50] Be Less Zombie origin story
[06:20] Peaking under the hood of corporate innovation
[12:00] A very practical recipe for building an innovation culture
[15:15] What is Question Design and why it matters
[19:42] The not-so-obvious reasons why you shouldn’t fall in love with your ideas