Luuk is the Chief Commercial Officer at XNode: a Chinese-Global platform for innovation on a mission to help entrepreneurs and innovators to build companies with a positive global impact. He is a business leader and entrepreneur with a demonstrated track-record in innovation and technology across multiple industries and continents. His vast experience in innovation from inception to product launch has helped him guide hundreds of startups and corporate clients to growth and investment. On a daily basis, Luuk and his team apply and disseminate knowledge on customer development, lean startup, and venture building. Luuk helped build new ventures in industries including Enterprise Software, MedTech, New Retail, Automotive, and FinTech.

In this episode, Luuk and I talked about:

Leading innovation at Xnode – what’s the role of the Chief Commercial Officer, how to build the right team, and what it takes to grow the business globally.

Innovation in China – is it different than other places in the world? As a Western company, how do you break into China? What is the number one thing you should be working on with your business partner in China?

Cross-border ventures – what are the challenges and how to do it right?

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Music: On the Verge by Joseph McDade

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