Dan believes that innovation starts with people connecting, and is always happy to connect with adventurous, brilliant, and curious people impacting the status quo.

Dan has an extensive professional network of over 10,000+ people which he has built through leadership roles with the United Nations, the University of Oxford, and advisory roles in 6 continents with charities, celebrities, and philanthropists. Dan is the Community Manager at Stone & Chalk in Adelaide, Australia, where he helps high potential startups partner with leading organizations worldwide. Dan curates the communities and flagship programs to accelerate growth through access to capital, talent, expertise, customers, insights and community support.

Dan is also Chair of Oceania One Young World National Young Leaders Committee. Since 2011, Dan has been involved with the annual global forum for 2000+ young leaders from 195 countries. Dan has been recognized for his work in social innovation when he was selected as the UN Youth Ambassador for Australia, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and as a finalist for Young Australian of the Year.

In this episode, Dan and I talk about:

Social Innovation – what is it and how is it different than “regular” innovation? Does innovation always have to include technology?

Community & Innovation – what’s the relationship between community and innovation? How does community support innovation?

Australia’s Startup Ecosystem – what does the startup landscape of Australia look like? Where are the major hubs? What makes each hub unique?…and a once-in-a-lifetime invitation from Dan you won’t be able to refuse.

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About Stone & Chalk

Some things are set in stone. The rest are written in chalk.
Stone & Chalk is shaping the future by catalyzing commercial success for startups in all emerging tech sectors. We are an impact network, which means we are partnering with leading organizations worldwide connecting our high potential startups to access capital, talent, expertise, customers, insights and community support. The combination of our curated communities and flagship programs empowers both our partners and residents to foster a culture of innovation and accelerate their growth journey – to make success happen.


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