Anthony is the founder and leader of New Ventures, a tech pipeline that sources and funds innovative solutions to augment Swire Properties operations.

Anthony is also a co-founder and Board member of UrbanLab, China’s first PropTech corporate accelerator (jointly launched by JLL, Swire Properties, and Ping An Group), Anthony was also a mentor for Propell Asia, Singapore’s first PropTech corporate accelerator (jointly launched by JLL and Lendlease).

Anthony’s background is rooted in commercial real estate leasing and management, residential sales and product development, and site acquisition/valuation for a broad variety of Swire projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

In this episode, Anthony and I talk about:

How to build a culture of innovation or more accurately how to build innovation into an existing culture. Every organization has its own culture and the job of an innovation leader is to find ways to build innovation into that culture instead of trying to replace the existing culture or build a new one from scratch. We talk about what it takes to listen first and connect on a human level before trying to change anything or insert innovation. Anthony walks us through what he would say to a business unit manager who might be a potential stakeholder for New Ventures. Hint: it’s about building relationships and trust before ever mentioning tech.

What is PropTech and how did Swire Properties get in on the action in China, its biggest growth market today? Anthony talks about the current state of PropTech as well as an interesting future trend.

What does it take to build successful ventures within a large organization? Anthony shares his unique point of view as well as the necessary skills and capabilities which have allowed him to be successful in his role.

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