#17 Enterprise Transformation

with Wout Hermans

I sat down with Wout Hermans of MURAL to talk about how he and his team are helping enterprises overcome the challenges of organizational transformation. Whether it’s their culture, business model, or workflow, Wout and his team use the power of visual collaboration powered by MURAL to help everyone at the enterprise align on the task at hand and move forward together.

Wout also shares his experience as a Master’s student in a unique program called Global Innovation Management that was offered across several campuses in Europe. He shares his biggest lessons and takeaways for those just entering the role of Innovation Manager.

Finally, we take a trip down memory lane and revisit Wout’s professional career and how EVERYTHING came together when he found his current role at MURAL.


[00:15] What is MURAL
[01:45] How to make visual collaboration work remotely
[04:45] The role of an Enterprise Transformation Manager
[08:50] Effective ways to help organizations change
[16:20] Global Innovation Management program
[17:50] Takeaways from the program
[20:00] Advice to share with those coming into the role of an Innovation Manager
[22:00] How past career experience shaped my role at MURAL