#23 Building a Startup Ecosystem in Jerusalem

With Oded Barel-Sabag / Part I

For the past eight years, Oded Barel-Sabag has been devoting his life to developing Jerusalem’s startup ecosystem.

Between 2013-2017, Oded led Siftech, a non-profit organization, and Jerusalem’s first startup accelerator. Siftech played a pivotal role in the growth of Jerusalem’s entrepreneurship community, making the city a globally recognized tech hub.

In 2017, Oded took on the role of Director at Jnext, a project by the Jerusalem Development Authority (the city’s economic development agency) to develop Jerusalem’s tech ecosystem. At Jnext, Oded’s role is more strategic, as he works with the different players in the ecosystem – corporations, academic institutions, accelerators, and community organizations – to empower and strengthen the city’s entrepreneurial environment.

Prior to Siftech, Oded was the co-founder of an internet business that was sold to one of its main customers. Oded also co-founded a neighborhood bar in the Machne-Yehuda Market (Jerusalem’s vibrant food market).

Oded holds a B.A in Political Science and Business from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and M.Des in Industrial Design (Design Management and Innovation track) from Bezalel Academy of Art & Design.


[03:03] Oded reveals his secret power for getting some much done
[04:15] How do you pick a teammate or co-founder you can trust
[07:42] Should you run multiple ventures at the same time
[15:15] Siftech’s Origin Story