My goal is to help you make innovation work for your organization.

As a former Vice President of R&D, I’ve seen my share of Innovation Theater. I know how difficult it is to make innovation work. Most organizations were not built to innovate. They’re plagued by a lack of focus and speed, politics, and a fixed mindset.

I focus on mastering a few key skills like designing simple, yet effective, strategies, setting up proper management habits that are easy to follow, and developing entrepreneurial skills and capabilities to ensure long-term success. I draw on knowledge from a wide range of disciplines including design, psychology, behavioral economics, and more.

I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of Nukadima, a boutique innovation consulting firm that helps global organizations to design, build, and manage their innovation portfolio.

Before launching Nukadima, I was the VP of R&D at Fung Academy, a Fung Group company, where I built innovation labs like Explorium Shanghai & Hong Kong, developed startup commercialization programs like GBG Tech Links in New York, and created training and development courses like AI in Action.

I founded two more companies – Meshroom Design, a digital design agency that provided 3D modeling and rendering services to the construction industry, and Playful Labs, a Gamification consulting firm that helped brands engage with their audience through play.

I was a Research Scientist and PhD candidate in the Changing Places Group at the MIT Media Lab. I worked on the CityScope project, developing a Lego-based collaborative urban design platform for city planners and stakeholders. Before joining the Media Lab, I spent some time as a member of the Social Technologies Group at IBM Research in Haifa, where I led the R&D of a human computation game platform called “Games for Crowd.”

I have a dual Master’s degree from MIT in Architecture and Computer Science. My thesis, titled UDesign: Toward a User-Centered Architecture, proposed the use of AI & Machine Learning algorithms to assist non-expert users in the design process. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

I’m a member of the MIT Alumni Club of Israel as well as Vice Chairman of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel. I’m an active mentor to several startups in different accelerators across Israel, such as MassChallenge, Siftech, and BizTEC. I live with my wife, Gila, and three kids – Yotam, Abigail, and Ella – in a small town called Kiryat Tiv’On (Israel).

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