1-on-1 Coaching Call

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve invested so much time and money into this innovation project, but you’re just not seeing the results you expected.
  • Everything seems fine on the surface – you’ve got a beautiful little space set up, a Gantt chart pinned on the wall, post-its everywhere, and your team looking busy – but something is missing.
  • You’re about to launch an innovation project, and you’re just not sure if you’ve set it up correctly? Maybe the budget is off? Or the timeline is unrealistic? Do you have all the right stakeholders involved, and are they aligned?

Look, I get it, you’ve done your homework. You read the books, attended the online courses, listened to the podcasts, and followed what the competition is doing.

You’re thinking, “I’ve got this”…and maybe you do. But what if you don’t?

Often the difference between mediocre and excellent is a conversation with the right person at the right time. Put  your ego and worries aside. Book a live 1-on-1 strategy call with me now. If you don’t feel like you got any value from our conversation, I’ll refund your money in full. No questions asked.

Here’s how it works

Once payment is received, you’ll get a personal link to schedule a 60-minute call with me. Before our call, I’ll reach out via email to request additional information so that I know how to best structure our time together. Keep in mind that during our call, I may break structure to explore an issue that did not come up in the preliminary information that you shared with me.

Here are a few topics your can ask me about during our call:

  • How to set up a corporate innovation lab without messing up your P&L sheet
  • How to design internal programs to accelerate new ideas to market
  • How to work with startups / set up an innovation hub in Israel
  • How to develop the innovation capabilities of your organization
  • How to create a simple, yet effective, innovation strategy that your organization can follow
  • How to optimize your innovation portfolio
  • How to build and manage an innovation team

What people are saying

Yaniv’s knowledge and expertise in technology has added much value to our innovation work at Explorium – Fung Group’s innovation platform in Shanghai and Hong Kong, Tech Links – Global Brands Group’s startup program in New York, and AI in Action – Fung Academy’s Artificial Intelligence curriculum.

Joanne Ho

COO, Fung Academy

Yaniv was one of the facilitators of a workshop that was intended to find creative and none conservatives ideas to raise adherence in the pharmaceutical arena.

Over a period of five intensive days, the groups that worked under his baton came up with brilliant solutions. No wonder, since he orchestrated them in an efficient, yet graceful manner, not forgetting to include science and communicate it in a non-frightening way.

Tali Rosin

Public Affairs Manager, Pfizer Israel

Yaniv’s deep knowledge of the context and culture of the start-up/technology resources in Israel has enabled us to quickly start working with Israeli resources that add value to our supply chain and retail businesses on a global scale.

Leonard Lane

Member of the Board, Fung Academy

Yaniv was instrumental in helping us develop our artificial intelligence curriculum, AI in Action. Yaniv’s design combined the necessary technical ingridients for managers and practitioners to gain the foundation knowledge of AI, and the ways in which the technology could be deployed for value creation in business.

Hau Lee

Chairman, Fung Academy

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our call is limited to 60 minutes. However, if I feel we need more time to get results, I’ll extend the call at no extra cost. If at the end of our call you feel you did not get any value from our conversation, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment in full. No questioned asked.


What happens after I pay?

Once you submit your payment, you’ll receive a link to schedule an appointment on my calendar (via Calendly).

Are there other costs besides the call?

Typically, no. See below…

Will you sign an NDA before we speak?

Sure. But keep in mind that if I need to involve my lawyer, additional cost/time may be required.

I don’t think I need help...

Everyone needs help. I ask for help all the time when it comes to my own business.

My situation is different.

No it isn’t. From my experience, many aspects of innovation are the same across organizations. The trick is knowing which tactics to apply and how.

Can my team be on the call too?

No, this is a 1-on-1 call.

How long before I see results?

My tactics deliver results as quickly as possible, with the least amount of effort. I’m a big believer in the 80/20 rule and gaining momentum with small wins. You should expect to see measurable progress in as little as a few weeks.

I still have questions...

Please drop me a note at yaniv@yanivcorem.com.

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