Hi, my name is Yaniv 👋🏻

I’m here to study successful innovation professionals and uncover the mindset and models they use to de-risk the future.

This is my story

📐 I used to be an architect running my own studio but decided to quit the profession when I realized it was moving too slow (or I needed to move faster).

💾 I went back to graduate school and became the first architect to ever get a Master’s degree in computer science from MIT.

🔬 After MIT, I joined IBM Research and led the development of a crowdsourcing game platform called Games for Crowds.

🎓 I went back to school (again) to get my PhD but quit one year into the program.

💰 In 2016, I stumbled into a 6-figure consulting gig in Asia and spent the next 3 years building 2 innovation labs.


The School of Innovation

Deep conversations with fellow professors, practitioners, and entrepreneurs about the business of innovation.

No jargon, fluffy language, or hand waving 🙌.

We talk openly and honestly about what works and what doesn’t.

They said it, not me 🤐

Yaniv was instrumental in helping us develop our artificial intelligence curriculum, AI in Action. Yaniv’s design combined the necessary technical ingridients for managers and practitioners to gain the foundation knowledge of AI, and the ways in which the technology could be deployed for value creation in business.

Hau Lee

Chairman, Fung Academy

Yaniv’s knowledge and expertise in technology has added much value to our innovation work at Explorium – Fung Group’s innovation platform in Shanghai and Hong Kong, Tech Links – Global Brands Group’s startup program in New York, and AI in Action – Fung Academy’s Artificial Intelligence curriculum.

Joanne Ho

COO, Fung Academy

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