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Founder-friendly products to help you build new ventures with confidence and ease.

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Hi, I’m Yaniv

I’m a full-time dad and entrepreneur.

I studied at MIT and worked at the Media Lab and CSAIL. I’ve also led R&D teams at IBM Research and built startup accelerator programs, innovation labs, and 6-figure businesses.

I’m currently building the School of Innovation to help entrepreneurs like yourself launch new ventures with confidence.

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Low-risk, fixed-price consulting services to help you build a new venture with confidence

Strategy Call

Find clarity and focus in 60 minutes or less.

Startup Coach

Navigate Founder’s journey with experience and expertise.


Workshop Facilitator

Design and lead a custom workshop for your team.

Venture Architect

Build and test new products, services, and business models.

From Idea to MVP

Do you have a notebook full of great ideas that you’re not sure how to turn into a business?

Imagine if one of those ideas turned into a successful company. How would that change your life? How would it impact the lives of others?

Join my 12-week program and I’ll show you everything you need to know about how to build and launch a successful venture.

What people are saying

Yaniv’s deep knowledge of the context and culture of the start-up/technology resources in Israel has enabled us to quickly start working with Israeli resources that add value to our supply chain and retail businesses on a global scale.

Leonard D. Lane

Senior Advisor to the Chairman, Fung Group

Yaniv was instrumental as an architect for a course on AI in Action at the Fung Academy. The balance between technical coverage and application journey made this a very successful offering for the group.

Hau L. Lee

Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Yaniv’s knowledge and expertise in tech added great value to Explorium, our innovation platform in Shanghai, GBG Innovate, our innovation program at Global Brands Group in New York, and AI in Action, Fung Academy’s Artificial Intelligence curriculum.

Joanne Ho

Chief Operating Officer, Fung Group

Yaniv has been a fascinating person to work with and connect with the newest technology and innovative developments. He brought so much energy, enthusiasm, and passion to accommodate all our needs in the digital space.

Idy Lee

Head of Services, UNIFi3D


We’re on a mission to build the school we never had – open, honest, practical, and free. We stalk some of the most interesting innovators in the world and convince them to teach us what they know about building new ventures, navigating change, and (obviously) being interesting.

We share practical, actionable, no BS content to help you build something that makes a difference.

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Building something new?

Join a community of awesome people who are learning how to build new ventures. Whether it’s a startup, product, service, process, or business model, building something new is hard. Why go at it alone when you can have a supportive community, tools, tricks, and more to help you on your journey?